Welcome to my personal site. You can find a short description of my background and research interests below. Check out one of my blog posts to know more about what’s on my mind.

Research Interests

In doing my PhD at L3i, La Rochelle Université in collaboration with Shift Technology. I’m mostly focused on applying ML to document analysis on administrative documents (invoices, quotes, medical certificates, etc). Specifically, I work on document information extraction and optical character recognition. I approach the problem from a Neuro-Symbolic perspective, where a traditional probabilistic methods (ie neural networks) are combined with symbolic reasoning. The goal is to improve data efficiency, explainability and performance compared to existing, probabilistic-only methods.


After a BSc in Computer Science from Utrecht University, The Netherlands, I continued to do an MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics at CentraleSupélec and ESSEC in Paris, France. Following this, I started working as a data scientist at Shift Technology in fraud detection for insurance companies. After three years, I moved to Shift’s research team as an ML Research Engineer and started a PhD in collaboration with La Rochelle University on document analysis.

Other Interests

During and even before my studies, I spent a lot of time doing iOS app development in Objective-C and Swift. In 2013, I was lucky enough to be an Apple WWDC Scholarship recipient. I continue to have an interest and enthusiasm for the Apple ecosystem.